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Protect yourself with Auto insurance.

Accidents do happen, but you can follow some simple safety measures while driving. These include wearing your seat belt at all times, obeying the speed limit, being cautious of your surroundings and having auto insurance. By having auto insurance, you are able to protect yourself, your family, passengers and other drivers from incurring additional heartache and financial burden.
Why buy auto insurance?

• Auto insurance protects you against the financial risk associated with personal injuries and property damage caused by auto accidents, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters.

• All states require you to purchase at least a minimum amount of liability coverage. Other types of auto insurance coverage may be optional or required, depending on state regulations.

• If you have a car loan outstanding, you’ll generally be required by the lender to purchase at least a minimum amount of auto insurance.

Liability coverage
You’ll be required by state law to purchase a minimum amount of some or all of the following types of liability coverage:
• Bodily injury liability: Protects your assets if you are held liable for an auto accident in which other people are injured or killed.
• Property damage liability: Covers repairing or replacing the autos or other property of other people.
• Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Unless you live in a “no-fault” state (where your own insurance will cover your losses), this coverage insures you against losses caused by other drivers with little (underinsured) or no (uninsured) auto insurance. To adequately protect yourself, you may want to purchase much more than the minimum amount of coverage required in your state.

Collision, other-than-collision, and medical payments coverages
Although these types of coverage are optional in most states, it often makes sense to purchase them, unless you can afford to pay for damages yourself.
• Collision: Pays to repair or replace your car if it’s damaged in an accident.
• Comprehensive: Insures your car against damage caused by something other than an auto accident (e.g., theft, fire, flood, vandalism).
• Medical payments or personal injury protection: Covers various medical expenses not covered by your health insurance or your passengers’.
And then the insurance company pays for everything, right?
Wouldn’t that be nice? But it’s not always true. Here are some things you’ll always need to cover yourself:
• Deductibles: The amount of money that you’ve agreed to pay out of your own pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in.
• Exclusions: Events or situations your policy specifically omits from coverage, such as property damage or personal injury you intentionally cause to others, or damage to your own car due to mechanical failure.
• Costs above limitations: Any expenses for which you’re responsible that exceed the caps on the dollar amounts of coverage you’re entitled to receive under your policy.

Tips for First Time Insurance Buyers
When you buy insurance, you’re really buying something that you hope you’ll never have to use. But if you ever do need to file an insurance claim, you’ll understand why having the right amount and right types of coverage is important.
Decide how much insurance you need

You can’t stop bad things from happening. But you can protect yourself financially by purchasing insurance. How much insurance you need depends on a lot of factors including how much you owe and own, how much your assets are worth, whether you have dependents, and how much out-of-pocket cost you could afford to bear. You can estimate your coverage needs using calculators or worksheets available on-line, but it’s a good idea to sit down with an insurance agent or broker who can thoroughly evaluate your needs.

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